JT - Canada

The Junction Triangle (JT) is a triangular shaped Toronto West End neighbourhood that is entirely surrounded by railway lines. Historically this area was defined by the industries that occupied it along with the Italian, Polish, and Macedonian immigrant workers who resided there.

Today the JT, with its transit hub status, has become an increasingly attractive neighbourhood for young professionals and families, resulting in a large number of developments of brownfields into residential housing. The appearance and population of the neighbourhood and its surroundings is changing. 

The inspiration for this project came from my own reaction to the recent rapid development of a city I grew up in. I have been watching the change, at times seemingly rapid and at times slow, in my own neighbourhood next to the Junction Triangle.

The work here aims to document in and around the JT; the residents, the artists, business owners, and those passing through, while showing the physical landscape of a neighbourhood that is faced with ever-increasing gentrification. 

With help from the Ontario Arts Council.

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